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Dixieland Farm is an outstanding place for you and your horse to call home.
Our facilities are top-notch and include:

All new boarders must present a copy of their current negative Coggins test, and horses must be up-to-date on all immunizations.  Any horse not on a daily feed-through de-wormer (Strongid C) will put on a six-week de-worming schedule administered by the barn.
Current rates: Full Board $375/month per horse.  Pasture board is $250/month per horse.  Training is an additional $200/month per horse.
SPECIAL: $50 off the first three month's board!
dixieland farm pastureDixieland Farm Barn Aisle Picture

Call us at: 336-492-6403
Located at: 1784 Godbey Road - Mocksville, NC 27028

Email us at: dixieland@dixielandfarm.com   

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